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Aspiring photographer? Love traveling!? Love new gear? 

Here you will find my options and reviews of all the gear I use to travel and for my photography. These reviews will be complete and comprehensive for the item and how I use it! 

You can also find links to all the gear I use if you would like to buy it yourself! 

Get out and adventure! 


ProTactic 450 AW Camera and Laptop Backpack from Lowepro!

I bought this bag a few years ago right before a trip and I have loved it ever since! 

It comes with so many dividers and organizers it is perfect for keeping your gear safe, and right at hand. 

The bag can hold a ton of gear which is super important for me because I like to be prepared for anything when shooting and traveling. 

My favorite parts of the bag:

  1. The gear load capacity- see my full gear list below. (It all fits!) Perfect carry on size that fits all of the gear you need! 
  2. The laptop/iPad sleeve! Traveling light? Bring an iPad or notebook! Out for a long trip? Fits a 13" MacBook! 
  3. The side and top pockets.  Not only does it have access points around the sides of the bag but it also has two small pockets perfect for business cards, keys, snacks, chargers...etc... The top pocket is perfect for quick access on planes (what I use it mostly for...) headphones, toiletries for long flights, rain/storm cover for the cameras...etc.. 
  4. The rain cover is included for the bag! 
  5. The versatility of the bag! I have used this bag for weddings, travel, landscapes, family sessions, you name it! 

Parts of the bag I am NOT happy with! 

  1. The shape of the bag, not very appealing for me, feels kind of like a turtle shell on your back. 
  2. The hip belt does nothing for me in the ways of weight distribution... I know it's not a backpacking backpack... but I mean, lets put it this way, I have considered cutting them off. They just get in the way. 
  3. The bag doesn't breath well at all on your back.  I took this thing all the way to Australia with a six hour layover in Sydney (beautiful by the way). With the sun shining my back was sweaty just getting to the opera house! Never mind walking around it. 

Over all thoughts!  

The bag can carry a ton of gear keeping it safe and easy to get to,  that with the versatility in travel is why I bought the bag! The pros outweighed the cons for me in keeping all my gear with me while on the go.

*What I include in my bag:

Sony a7rii


Sony 70-200 f2.8

Sony 24-70 f2.8

Tamron 10-24 f3.5

Sony 50 f1.8

A-Mount to E-Mount Adapter

Chargers for batteries 

2 Peak Design Slide Straps 

 MagMod Starter Flash Kit

Sony HVL-F43M Flash

Set of Filters (in the black case)


    Graduated Neutral Density Filter

    Neutral Density Filter 

Remote Shutter Release 

Nissin Air One Commander and Receiver

Sekonic L-358 Light Meter (in the gray case)

Extra batteries (in the pink case)

Cleaning Cloths 

Blower Dust Removal Tool 

SD Card Wallet 

Rain/storm cover for cameras

*I almost never take ALL my gear with me everywhere... Depends on trips, and sessions! 

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